Sequins Wedding Cake #howididit

This Wedding cake was one of the most fun cakes to make. Maybe it was because I was making it for someone special, or perhaps it was because I was using my airbrush machine for the first time ever, or it could have been that I had the help of one of my favorite men in the world, my Dad. From the time I baked the cakes to the time the final product was set up at the venue, I had the best time. Here’s #howididit:

I first started by baking layers of white chocolate mud cakes and stacking and filling them with white chocolate ganache. I used a spirit level after each layer was stacked to ensure that the cake was level (not required, but preferred as the leveling can be fixed with ganache at the end). Once the cake was stacked and filled, I crumb coated the cake with white chocolate ganache, and chilled the cake in the fridge. I then applied the last coat of the ganache and smoothed the ganache with a scraper between cake boards to get as close to sharp edges as I could. Once the ganache was set, I covered the cake with white fondant, and smoothed the edges with fondant and acetate smoother’s pictured below:

first tier white chocolate mud cake

Once the top tier was done, I moved onto the bottom tier which was layers of red velvet cake filled with white chocolate ganache. The method used for this tier was the same as above, and is pictured below:

2nd tier red velvet cake

Once I was happy with both tiers of the cake, I moved on to decorating the bottom tier of the cake with edible pastel confetti. I used Wilton piping gel to stick the confetti onto the sides of the cake and I let that dry for 24 hours, it does not completely dry.

NOTE:  I used 2 bottles of confetti for the 15 cm high 10 inch round cake.

Once semi-dry, I used my Dinky doodle airbrush machine to paint the Cake gold using Americolor airbrush Gold sheen. I used 3 bottles of colour to achieve the colour of the final product.

edible confetti and airbrush

When I was happy with the colour, I let the colour dry for a night, before adding my dowel supports to the bottom tier, and stacking the top tier. I then went on to cover the 14 inch cake board with white fondant, and let that dry before arranging the cake on the cake board. I then added the baby pink ribbon to the bottom of the top tier, and waited till it was time to take the cake to the venue, to get dressed with fresh flowers, and a “love” pick custom made for the bride.

final product wedding cake 2

I hope you have enjoyed this post 🙂 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook messenger, or by email : [email protected]

xx NaZzYbAkEr xx

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